Wine Museum

Wine has been produced in the Saale-Unstrut region for more than a thousand years. The exhibition at the Saxony Anhalt Wine Museum at Neuenburg Castle is entitled “Between Festivity and Daily Life – The Culture of Wine in Central Germany”.


The exhibition documents the importance of viticulture for the region. It also reveals the lasting imprint left by wine in many areas of life. Wine is an element which has shaped the landscape, a popular drink, a tried-and-tested medicine and a cooking ingredient. It is used in traditions, customs and festivals; in the crafts, trades and commerce.


It appears as a religious parable and symbol, in architectural ornamentation and as a motif on everyday objects or works of art. Each field is represented by numerous exhibits, ranging from historical devices used by winegrowers and vintners to precious drinking and serving vessels. These include exhibits such as one of Europe's oldest double-screw wine presses – few of which have otherwise been preserved.