Children’s Chambers

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to explore a castle and become a knight or noblewoman? At Neuenburg Castle, you can experience courtly life first-hand in the colourful Children's Chambers. Sit on a throne dressed in the robes of Count Louis the Springer or his consort Adelheid, or visit the royal couple as their noble guests: dress as a king or a knight, a princess or a noblewoman or even as a juggler or a minstrel. Together you will hear exciting tales and legends about Neuenburg Castle. Then you can test your skills, strength and patience with copies of historical toys.

Our themed programmes are extremely popular among kindergarten and school groups. It is also possible to combine our offers, for example with a guided tour of the castle, activity programmes or heraldry. Or you can explore the exhibition “Castle and rulers” at your own pace, with an activity sheet. The Children’s Chambers schemes are in great demand, so it is a good idea to book well in advance.